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Our mission is to motivate people to learn sign language

What is Australian Sign Language:

Auslan is the language of the Deaf community, it is a visual language with no written form and unique to Deaf to DeafBlind communities. Auslan is different to spoken language in structure and grammar, We communicate visually, using pictures rather than linear language – by using facial expression, gesturers, signs and hand shapes we convey the rich history of this beautiful language.

Auslan was recognised by the Australian Government as a “Community language other than English” and as the preferred language of the Deaf community over 30 years.

We LOVE Auslan AND WE want to assist community to be more interactive with the Deaf and DeafBlind population. We are here to educate, streamline communication and help to ensure an inclusive and aware community.

*Travel in Perth metropolitan region only*

Learn Auslan:

Our Testimonial

Michelle & Leanne
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Learning Auslan with Auslan Challenge is awesome. Jessica makes our Auslan classes so much fun, and we have learned a lot. We are very grateful.
Moore's Family
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Ben is 1 year old, deaf and down syndrome, he's bright and in seventh heaven boy when Kelly and Jessica came to see him, he loves the balls 🏀 and love throw toys 🧸 on the floor. Taught him very basic sign of grammar to give a slow and repeated, work with his parents to use basic Auslan to sign for Ben. He picked it up and ate his food and can sign “MORE” for the first time.
Amiralee Joy and Family
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A massive thank you to Kelly and Jess for the Auslan lessons. It was very informative, but best of all, it was lots of fun.

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